We are a family owned company just trying to offer a helping hand to those that would like our service... we have over 10 years experience and counting


To wow our clients with our reasonable prices and our amazing lawn care professionalism


We want to do our part in making lexington beautiful and peaceful one lawn at a time


we believe in customer service is our number one priority if your happy then were happy. Our customers are more than just another lawn to cut

Great service and exceptional customer service

Our goal is to not only wow the client with the great lawn service we provide but also with the outstanding service and superb attichen to detail and we try to amaze them with our speed like work ethic.

Why Choose Us

Because you have more important things to do then start your mower and fry in the summers sun...Let us give you a break. Life's Hard Let Us Mow Yo Yard

Fast Affordable Service

We offer reasonable priced and speedy service so you can enjoy your yard and get one with what you have to what is more important to you

High Skills

We have over 15 years of experience in residential mowing,landscaping and commercial mowing we have gained a great skill to satisfy our client's needs.

Clean Work

we like to keep your lawn tidy and neat always cleaning up after or job is done cleaning sidewalks and driveways so you don't track any grass in your house

Proper Care

We take the time to focus on our Lexington area to beautify as many yards as we can. The happier our customers the more we enjoy making them happy​