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August 14, 2015
Tom S.,  Brian always shows up on time and does perfect work. He even checks with me before he leaves to make sure it was done to my satisfaction.

May 25, 2015
by S.FUOCO, Best Lawn Ever! After 15 years of self-fertilizing and disappointing trials with other lawn services, I am happy to say MowYoYard is the absolute best! Our grass has never looked so good and that's only after one application. I am really glad my neighbor told me about MowYoYard!

May 6, 2015
by Charles Thomas, Happy Customer: I have been a happy 5 year MowYoYard customer. They have serviced my Lawn with amazing results that have driven my neighbors to sign up for Lawn care as well. They have done Tree Trimming and Landscaping services all with first class service and amazing customer support. I highly recommended MowYoYard Services as a 5 star trusted partner for my home and yours.

Feb 5, 2015
by Vic on, It seems the back bone of MowYoYard is it excellent customer service. Brian is by far the best, friendliest, professional, and knowledgeable person I have ever encountered in this industry. Even if I had a rock garden I would still use MowYoYard services because of him...

Oct 17, 2014
by John S, 1st time user. you earned a new customer: I saw a lawn sign advertising Aeration and seeding for the fall and I decided to give MowYoYard a call and see if they were competitive in price. I have used other landscapers in the past for power raking, aeration and spring clean up's, so I was price shopping for services. My lot is small and not much to it so I was looking for a no non sense quote for aeration. I called and they did a Google Maps on my property and quoted me over the phone. In 4 days I had my lawn done by MowYoYard. Well done Brian and team...I will use again in the future.

May 1, 2014
by Steven, First Impression, This is the first time that we've decided to hire a lawn care service and immediately we've seen the results. After the first application our lawn immediately "greened" up. We could notice a difference a few hours later, and while most lawns in the neighborhood we still brown and dormant, ours was already turning a dark green. Today, I requested my first "service call" to handle a few weeds popping up and was immediately scheduled for a visit within the next few days. 

Dec 6, 2013
by Chris B., Air Duct cleaning,  Had my air ducts cleaned from MowYoYard a few weeks ago and I have to say I'm shocked at the difference. If you don't think getting your ducts done makes a difference trust me it is quite noticeable. This was a very thorough cleaning as the techs went vent to vent in the house sucking out debris that you could actually hear going through the hose. Brian was great as well, very friendly, professional and careful of my surroundings. My place contains many obstacles and delicate objects which they gave the utmost respect to when carrying the hose through the multi. level home. I couldn't be happier and will be calling on them for my dryer vent and carpets soon. Thanks!

Nov 21, 2013
by Dave S. Going Above and Beyond, I live in Lexington, KY and today I happened to be working from home on the phone when Brian applied the last fertilizer treatment for winter. When Brian was done, he was coming up to my door to drop off the door tag saying what was done with some tips (as he always does).

I watched Brian hesitate, stop, and return to his pickup, where he pulled a gas leaf blower out of the bed, fired it up and blow off my front walk and sidewalk (which were a mess because of the leaves). It only took a minute or two, but I thought It was a super nice touch. It shows that MowYoYard takes pride in how my home works beyond just taking care of the grass. Thank you Brian

Sep 20, 2013
by Joe A. Lawn Care, I didn't think it was possible to get great service anymore. Really I didn't. I rarely send in messages like this, but your guys who you put in front of your customers are really top notch. I have a couple acre yard with 4 boys (typically more) who are constantly leaving stuff in the yard. I saw one of your guys, I think Brian, actually stop what he was doing, pick up the items, put them on the patio and then continue with his work. I can guarantee other guys would have just run over the stuff in the yard and carried on with their business. This may sound like a small item, but if your guys take enough pride in their work to "do the job right", I am confident they will make the necessary recommendations for my lawn and to the quality necessary for me to see the service as a great deal. Oh yah, the lawn looks great too!

Jul 1, 2013
by Sarkis K , I used to spend many hour trying to get my lawn to look good and be healthy and weed free. Not to mention spend hundreds of dollars each year. Since I have had MowYoYard taking can of my lawn. My lawn looks the best ever. Green, healthy, and weed free. Their program works and a fraction of the price and I do not spend hours spreading fertilizer. Thanks MowYoYard.

Jun 24, 2013
by Bruce R Good Stuff!!! I am extremely pleased with the way my lawn looks! Keep up the good work!